What if to touch electrified fence by hand?

Many people are very curious about one question:what if i touch the electrified fence by hand?
Obviously,no one dares to touch the electrified fence,why? Human body is very sensitive to electricity,or electric shock,even you know you are going to touch the electricity which will do no harm to your safety-the fear for unknown.
Now,we are gonna learn about how it feels when touching an electrified fence,but there are a few things you need to do before touching:
1,Make sure the power/energy output of the electric fence energizer you are touching is under the safety requirement to human beings.
For example,Tongher electric fence energizer,TH-2008SC energizer,is 5KV pulse voltage per second,less than 5 Joules energy output,conforming to IEC 60335 2-76 international standard for electric fence.
2,You should check if the energizer is working well,and only one energizer is installed on the fence.
3,Better wear insulated boot or plastic shoe,you know why.
Ok,now we are starting to do the crazy thing:
Firstly,plug on the energizer,here we take TH-2008SC energizer for example,we turn it to low voltage mode(700V),use a voltmeter to test the fence voltage,ok,there is voltage.
Secondly,use your back of palm to touch the fence wire,almost every energizer generates a pulse per second,so you need to hold your hand on the fence wire for over one second at least.
Finally,one guy touches the fence wire,almost feeling nothing.The reason is that the grounding has not properly installed,and it is in low voltage mode.
So,we turn it to high voltage mode(5KV),and install the grounding with a metal of 1.6m into the earth.Now,the guy touches the fence wire with his palm,and immediately he feels a strong shock,and releases his hand.”it is a little painful,but more of frightened,i am scared” said the guy.

Here we are going to do more crazy test,TH-2008SC energizer is Differential Voltage Output,which means if you touch two adjacent wires,the voltage will be doubled.
So the guy reluctantly goes near the fence,after taking a deep breath,and touches two adjacent wires,and then...he fells to the ground.”****,my god,it hurts! I am not going to touch it again!”.shouting the guy.After the test,we do a body check for the guy,it shows there is no harm or damage to his body,only for the psychological area-he is frightened.
So,you may know how it feels to touch the electrified fence by hand.When you see the warning sign written high voltage danger or electric shock,DO NOT TOUCH IT. If you are a thief,DO NOT TOUCH IT for your own good.

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