Holiday off for Dragon Boat Festival

From 31 May to 2 June,Tongher will have a 3-day holiday off for the Dragon Boat Festival,here Tongher wish all of the customers share and enjoy the happiness with your families and friends together.

Below is the introduction of Dragon Boat Festival:
The Dragon Boat or Duanwu Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China.
The festival now occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar, Chinese people in that day is eating zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), drinking realgar wine (雄黃酒, xiónghuángjiǔ), and racing dragon boats.

You can find more interesting information on: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2004-06/21/content_359372.htm

How to build an elephant fence or how to stop an elephant

In some South Asia and African countries,there are many conflicts between human beings and elephants,because the wild elephants often walk to the crops and farms to destroy them or human beings will kill the elephants for their acts,so there is very necessary to build a elephant fence to stop the elephants and stop people killing them.
To build up a elephant fencing,you will need to consider these below:
1,The area to fence the elephants
2,The power supply for energiser
3,What kind of energiser to use
After that,you can start to plan the installation,here we can talk about the material needed for an elephant fencing:
1,Electric fence energiser
You need an solar fence energiser with at least 5 Joules energy output,above 7KV,for example,TH-Polar S5 solar energiser,with 5 Joules energy output,12KV pulse,covering a 30km area at most.
2,Fence wire
Usually high tensile steel wire is recommended for the elephant fencing,because it can withstand the ultra high pressure from the elephants.Besides,polywire is an option.
Metal post over 4 ft is recommend,both ok for round or square,and wood post is also available,just make sure it is thick enough.And the height of the fence post has to be over 2 meters at least,since the shoulder of elephant is over 2m,and the height of a mature elephant is about 3m.
Insulator is acting as the insulated from the voltage to the post or to the ground.You can use porcelain or plastic material.
To ensure the elephant receive the enough electric shock from the energiser,you should make a proper grounding by stepping a metal rod of 2m into the earth,and if the soil is dry,you need to have 3 grounding rods connecting together.
To remove the vegetation or grass around the fence to avoid shorting.
6,Fence gate
There needs to be a fence gate to be insulated from the voltage,gate handle,gate spring constitutes a fence gate,so you can go in or out of the fenced area without receiving a electric shock.
7,Warning sign
It is necessary to hang the warning sign on the electrified fence to indicate there is electric shock.
PS:Razor or barbed wire is not allowed or discourage to use on elephant fencing,since it will hurt the elephants badly.
Reasons why elephants break the fences:
1,There is water and food inside or outside the fenced area
2,They are in a bad temper for stimulus
So it is very necessary to maintain the electrical fence on a period time,and fix the break of electricity.And theft is a reason why electrified fence does not work,make a metal box to lock the energiser,battery and solar panel inside.


Electric fence energizer prices for animals farm and home security fence

Price for electric fence energizer varies from different city to city,from different manufacturer to manufacturer,from different material to material,etc,so what is the reasonable price for an electric fence energizer in China?

Obviously,if you want to find a cheap fence energiser,you could go to Zhejiang province,there exists some factories making low quality energiser,with interior material and poor technical support,such as Elite,Andmon,Ander Leisure,etc,and the price ranging from USD$10-40,but with large MOQ,such as 500-2000 pcs.

But if you are looking for an energiser with longer span,and good quality,you should pay more attention to the company offering you the product.For example,always ask for a sample order before you place a big order,and ask some technical information of the energizer,or let them send some photos of their products and practical cases.

Here i will recommend Tongher electric fence from China,Shenzhen city,they offer good quality and competitive price of electric fence energizer,both for farm solar fence and home security fence.With low MOQ and reasonable price of USD$70-180 for different models of energizers.

Try to reach them at:http://www.tonghertech.com / dragon@tonghertech.com /Skype:tongher01


How to find the cheap electric fence products in China?

China is famous for Made-in-China,mostly the reason is for the PRICE,More and more businessmen from all over the world are trying to find the competitive price for different products in China,but usually they are very confused and are difficult to find what they want.

For example,how to find cheap electric fence equipment in China?

First of all,you should know,where are the places with most companies offering electric fence.

1,Zhejiang Province:Farm fence,agricultural solar fence,animal fence system
If you are around Shanghai,Zhejiang is the best place for you to find the suitable electric fence equipment.

The feature of those companies is that the price is very cheap,and with simple function,some of them will choose interior material and copy other brands.

2,Shanghai:Security electric fence system
Shanghai is the original birthplace for security electric fence,there are many local-made brands,but most of them are only sold to domestic,very few of them will export,so there maybe some problems when you want to buy from them,for their lack of experience in exporting.

3,Shenzhen:Security electric fence system,solar fence system
Shenzhen is the best place for electronic products and security products in South China,here there are many companies selling security products,but you need to visit them before buying,or go to their Alibaba webpage to verify them.

Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.,Ltd is a company selling solar electric fencing system for animals and security electric fence system for home,with years of experience,and exporting to more than 40 countries,now it has the great advantage in product quality and competitive price.
Here is the website:www.tonghertech.com

PS:Although you could find a competitive/cheap price in China,but remember not to be cheated by some frauders/spammers offering very cheap price below the market price.


What if to touch electrified fence by hand?

Many people are very curious about one question:what if i touch the electrified fence by hand?
Obviously,no one dares to touch the electrified fence,why? Human body is very sensitive to electricity,or electric shock,even you know you are going to touch the electricity which will do no harm to your safety-the fear for unknown.
Now,we are gonna learn about how it feels when touching an electrified fence,but there are a few things you need to do before touching:
1,Make sure the power/energy output of the electric fence energizer you are touching is under the safety requirement to human beings.
For example,Tongher electric fence energizer,TH-2008SC energizer,is 5KV pulse voltage per second,less than 5 Joules energy output,conforming to IEC 60335 2-76 international standard for electric fence.
2,You should check if the energizer is working well,and only one energizer is installed on the fence.
3,Better wear insulated boot or plastic shoe,you know why.
Ok,now we are starting to do the crazy thing:
Firstly,plug on the energizer,here we take TH-2008SC energizer for example,we turn it to low voltage mode(700V),use a voltmeter to test the fence voltage,ok,there is voltage.
Secondly,use your back of palm to touch the fence wire,almost every energizer generates a pulse per second,so you need to hold your hand on the fence wire for over one second at least.
Finally,one guy touches the fence wire,almost feeling nothing.The reason is that the grounding has not properly installed,and it is in low voltage mode.
So,we turn it to high voltage mode(5KV),and install the grounding with a metal of 1.6m into the earth.Now,the guy touches the fence wire with his palm,and immediately he feels a strong shock,and releases his hand.”it is a little painful,but more of frightened,i am scared” said the guy.

Here we are going to do more crazy test,TH-2008SC energizer is Differential Voltage Output,which means if you touch two adjacent wires,the voltage will be doubled.
So the guy reluctantly goes near the fence,after taking a deep breath,and touches two adjacent wires,and then...he fells to the ground.”****,my god,it hurts! I am not going to touch it again!”.shouting the guy.After the test,we do a body check for the guy,it shows there is no harm or damage to his body,only for the psychological area-he is frightened.
So,you may know how it feels to touch the electrified fence by hand.When you see the warning sign written high voltage danger or electric shock,DO NOT TOUCH IT. If you are a thief,DO NOT TOUCH IT for your own good.


Two young ladies were killed during burglary-lack of protection of electric fence

About 6 am on the morning of 15th April, there was an tragedy that two young office ladies were killed during a burglary in “Urban Garden” residential building,at Louhu district,Shenzhen City.

The reason ? 
The suspects found that the window is not closed .before his stabbing ,he was in a Internet cafe
downstairs.midnight time, he climbed along fire exits to 6th platform ,and searched for something to steal. At 7th Floor, suddenly he found a house windows did not shut.....The house is just three girls living in Building A, 7B, then a tragedy occurred,only one girl was survived  .
The two beauty,one just graduated of peaking university, the other just returned after study in UK. Though the bad guy was caught by policeman, two lovely girls were gone.  

What if the residential building had installed electric fencing system ? 


The thief should be shocked by high voltage pulse and giving up crime. Electric fence system could stop the intention which would make him regret for a life time . Electric fence controller can trigger an alarm when breaking the front wires or make two fence wires shorted.

Once you set up a Tongher electric fence system,there will be a psychological and physical barrier and when the thief want to climb over the wall,and touch the fence wire,he will be shocked by the high voltage shock,at the worst situation,if he cuts the fence wires,there will be an alarm immediately from the energizer,which will attract security guard’s attention.


Barbed wire and electric fencing

Barbed wire or razor wire must never be electrified by an Tongher security electric fence energiser-TH-2008 series. 

If you need to electric fence around barbed wire ensure you use sufficient "offset" insulators to minimize the risk off animals and people becoming entangle on the barbed wire.

Over exposure to electrical fence shock can be harmful and at the worst fatal.

A non-electrified fence incorporating barbed or razor wire may be used to support one or more off-set electrified wires of an electric fence.

The supporting devices for the electrified wires must be constructed so as to ensure that these wires are positioned at a minimum distance of 150mm from the vertical plane of the non-electrified wires.

The barb or razor wire is to be earthed at regular intervals in accordance with earthing recommendations.