Barbed wire and electric fencing

Barbed wire or razor wire must never be electrified by an Tongher security electric fence energiser-TH-2008 series. 

If you need to electric fence around barbed wire ensure you use sufficient "offset" insulators to minimize the risk off animals and people becoming entangle on the barbed wire.

Over exposure to electrical fence shock can be harmful and at the worst fatal.

A non-electrified fence incorporating barbed or razor wire may be used to support one or more off-set electrified wires of an electric fence.

The supporting devices for the electrified wires must be constructed so as to ensure that these wires are positioned at a minimum distance of 150mm from the vertical plane of the non-electrified wires.

The barb or razor wire is to be earthed at regular intervals in accordance with earthing recommendations.


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