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Electric fence energizer prices for animals farm and home security fence

Price for electric fence energizer varies from different city to city,from different manufacturer to manufacturer,from different material to material,etc,so what is the reasonable price for an electric fence energizer in China?

Obviously,if you want to find a cheap fence energiser,you could go to Zhejiang province,there exists some factories making low quality energiser,with interior material and poor technical support,such as Elite,Andmon,Ander Leisure,etc,and the price ranging from USD$10-40,but with large MOQ,such as 500-2000 pcs.

But if you are looking for an energiser with longer span,and good quality,you should pay more attention to the company offering you the product.For example,always ask for a sample order before you place a big order,and ask some technical information of the energizer,or let them send some photos of their products and practical cases.

Here i will recommend Tongher electric fence from China,Shenzhen city,they offer good quality and competitive price of electric fence energizer,both for farm solar fence and home security fence.With low MOQ and reasonable price of USD$70-180 for different models of energizers.

Try to reach them at: / /Skype:tongher01


Two young ladies were killed during burglary-lack of protection of electric fence

About 6 am on the morning of 15th April, there was an tragedy that two young office ladies were killed during a burglary in “Urban Garden” residential building,at Louhu district,Shenzhen City.

The reason ? 
The suspects found that the window is not closed .before his stabbing ,he was in a Internet cafe
downstairs.midnight time, he climbed along fire exits to 6th platform ,and searched for something to steal. At 7th Floor, suddenly he found a house windows did not shut.....The house is just three girls living in Building A, 7B, then a tragedy occurred,only one girl was survived  .
The two beauty,one just graduated of peaking university, the other just returned after study in UK. Though the bad guy was caught by policeman, two lovely girls were gone.  

What if the residential building had installed electric fencing system ? 


The thief should be shocked by high voltage pulse and giving up crime. Electric fence system could stop the intention which would make him regret for a life time . Electric fence controller can trigger an alarm when breaking the front wires or make two fence wires shorted.

Once you set up a Tongher electric fence system,there will be a psychological and physical barrier and when the thief want to climb over the wall,and touch the fence wire,he will be shocked by the high voltage shock,at the worst situation,if he cuts the fence wires,there will be an alarm immediately from the energizer,which will attract security guard’s attention.


Barbed wire and electric fencing

Barbed wire or razor wire must never be electrified by an Tongher security electric fence energiser-TH-2008 series. 

If you need to electric fence around barbed wire ensure you use sufficient "offset" insulators to minimize the risk off animals and people becoming entangle on the barbed wire.

Over exposure to electrical fence shock can be harmful and at the worst fatal.

A non-electrified fence incorporating barbed or razor wire may be used to support one or more off-set electrified wires of an electric fence.

The supporting devices for the electrified wires must be constructed so as to ensure that these wires are positioned at a minimum distance of 150mm from the vertical plane of the non-electrified wires.

The barb or razor wire is to be earthed at regular intervals in accordance with earthing recommendations.


Is it safe for human beings of electric fence energizer?

TH-2008 High Voltage Security Electric Fence Energizer, body and circuit relations, is it safe?

1) Human reaction when electricity trough body, theoretically speaking it displays following status:

a. 0.6mA-1.5mA, finger feel "numb"

b. 2mA-3mA, finger feel "tingle"

c. 5mA-7mA, finger feel "burning and pain"

d. 8mA-10mA, finger "numb" and feel the hand could not move out from power

e. 20mA-25mA, finger "fast tingle" and found breath hard

f. 50mA-80mA, "breath hard, heart tingle"

g. 90mA-100mA, breath hard and heart numb, if continue, lead people die.

2) TH-2008 Electric Fence energizer, output power: 2.5MC



So, electric shock electricity is 2.5mA per Second. This electricity would not lead people die, but could injure skin. This electric fence energizer could use for perimeter protection fencing system, as Anti-climb garden wall fence.

Why ground connection is so important for electric fence system ?

With more and more people knowing about the electric fence products in China , more customers are willing to install security perimeter electric fence system for their home/villa/factory ‘s wall/government/military area/school to ensure important place be safe , the fence system can be controlled by keypad,wireless remote,computers,LAN(Local area network). 

The popularity of electrical fence is wider and wider , but meanwhile, We found some problems of electric fencing installation methods among our clients. 

As you know,there’re many different way to install electrical wire fence, E.G On top of wall installation, attaching some existing iron fence, or standing alone/ from ground installation... People would like to simplify the process instead of not making grounding rod/connection/stake. Actually, this step is very importance for a good and professional electric fence system.   

The grounding system/connection is a vital part of the Electric fence system enabling the correct return of electrical pulses /current/power (from the electric fence energizer) through the intruders from the contact point on the fence to the ground. ulse energy and voltage are kept to safe levels in accordance with legislation, but it remains a painful experience most people are afraid of.

Without a sufficient ground, the electric fence will be limited in effectiveness of providing a "shock".

So, We suggest to all customers to make a correct ground connection forelectric fence system ,  Which means a best protection of your premises. 


Electric fence for farm and security

Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.,Ltd is established since 2007,dedicating to provide stable professional products,solutions and services of electric fence, Tongher has offered perimeter security service and agricultural livestock solutions  of electric fence to thousands of companies and governments in more than 20 provinces in China domestic market and foreign countries over 6 years.
Best practised R&D team and global management  guarabtees the world-class technology and industry-leading potential,our products are distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide. We are a reliable electric fencing system for security and livestock supplier,facotry in China and abroad.

Our products are approved by ISO 9001, CMA by china security department and CE certificate.
TH-polar serials are designed to meet the needs of all animal management protection and rotational crop grazing requirement and pasture management,which can be integrated into solar power system. and thery are in accordance with IEC 60335-2-76 and in conformance with AS/NZS CISPR14-1.
TH-2008 series is in accordance with IEC 60335-2-76 Moreover, water-proof box, connecting the wire at the bottom, advanced high/low voltage mode and unique LCD display earns a outstanding advantage in the market.

To meet different customer's need, we design perimeter solution according to practical situation. So far, these solutions are widely used in community, residential area, government, school, plants, garage, prison, military bases, water and gas distributor, farmland and poultry area.
We do offer OEM/ODM service for energizer or accessories.